CQme Man Down is an advanced function that uses the sensors in the phone to detect if you fall and start an alarm automatically. The alarm is sent to your personal alarm receivers. The person who receives the alarm can see exactly where you are can hear live streaming audio from the location.

When CQme Man Down has been activated, it will take 20 seconds before the alarm is sent. In this time, you can cancel the alarm if it is a false alarm.

Behind the CQme app, there is an advanced, security classified network of servers. It makes sure your alarm receivers have access to position data and audio from your telephone both before and during the incident to be able to assess what has happened and what help needs to be sent to your location.

The Cqrify servers also get access to motion data collected from sensors in the phone. These data are analyzed and processed in the CQme Man down function to determine if you have fallen and been hurt. The system makes an individual motion profile based on your movements when the CQme app is running. This way, the system can automatically adjust its algorithms, whether you are going for a run, working in the woods or having a calm day at home.

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